“Coreus are proud to have been approached to provide early order of cost information to the NHS Trust as part of an outline business case to inform appropriate funding/budget allocations for a proposed new breast care unit at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. It is especially rewarding to be providing professional services within this sector in light of the recent Covid-19 outbreak.’’
Pete Nicholls

Services Provided

  • Cost Planning
  • Cost Management

Key Challenges

  • Aligning suitable allowances within the cost plan where design or site information was lacking due to the early stage of design concept/investigative works. This was mitigated by obtaining suitable benchmarked rates for the main build and apportioning contingency sums where the unique challenges of the site were quantifiable. The risk profile in relation to these elements was made clear to the client and a well-rounded and holistic overall project budget was formed based on the assumptions

What we did

Coreus worked collaboratively with Grainge Architects (lead designers) to provide early cost advice and input on the concept design and bespoke nature of the works sufficient enough for a robust outline business case to be drafted for the client.

Quantity Surveyor

Peter Nicholls